I’m Shraddha, a backend engineer working with distributed systems. I currently work at Hasura in the Control Plane Team, responsible for the company’s cloud product. I also write and speak occasionally about the work I am doing.

At Hasura, I have been designing, building and maintaining the APIs that power Hasura Cloud since its inception back in 2020. It has been a unique journey, from supporting our first few customers to scaling the platform as usage increased manyfold. As is with small teams, I have contributed to almost every aspect of the product including improving internal tooling, internal and external documentation and observability. I also maintain graphqurl, curl for graphql APIs.

I owe my career to Open Source Software and am an advocate for the same. Previously, I have interned at Ceph, an open-source, distributed database, under Google Summer of Code. I worked on Teuthology, an automation framework which serves Ceph’s unique testing requirements to improve the scheduling fairness and priority of execution of test jobs. Before that I also have interned at Fedora.

These days I am focused on writing software that isn’t a pain in the ass for the next person who works with it or rather less crudely put, is well tested, documented and observable. I believe user empathy is an important consideration while designing APIs. I try to stay away from premature optimisation. I am bullish about documentation and only consider a task complete once it has both internal and external documentation.

When it comes to products, I naturally gravitate towards developer tools as can be seen from my work history. Some products I fangirl about: Vercel for their seamless preview apps experience, Stripe for many things including it’s documentation, both its API docs and their API responses and Arc, my default browser built on top of Chromium which really did solve the tab management problem completely.

My idea of winding down after a long day is with a good book. A movie that has stayed with me long after I watched it is 1918. Recently I have been enjoying this Spotify playlist. I also like photography, baking, watercolour painting and semi-successfully take care of my houseplants.

I’m best reachable through mail, feel free to reach out about any opportunities or to simply say hi! I’m also somewhat active on Twitter.